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  Er.M.Subramaniam (Chairman)


                                            Equip. Enlighten. Elevate Yourself. The triple E Programme has been the beacon light of Jayaram College Of Engineering and Technology. The modern industries need their young entrants to possess the enriched capacity to match the industrial environment. The gap time they spent on introduction, motivation, orientation, has become an age old practice and the run time of the industry is an exhaustive waste not only the money, but also the man hours.

                                            So only emphasis is on industry institution interactions.

                                            The JCET, both its management and staff know the lacuna and rose to the occasion with the determination to equip the student in a way to match the industrial induction, enlighten him about the industrial demand and offer a platform to elevate himself without any side support.

                                            So only, JCET linked MOU's with HP, Doux Technology,Sify, HP Academic, Linux, V.Design, Alecop, Alagappa Polytechnic College, Government Polytechnic College, WRI, BHEL, etc. and have designed various courses beyond syllabi for the enrichment of the triple E Programme. Courses like:

  •                                     VLSI

    •                                     Embedded Systems

    •                                     C++

    •                                     C# and .Net

    •                                     J2EE

    •                                     Software Testing

    •                                     Networking Hardware

    •                                     Piping Technology

    •                                     Welding Technology

    •                                     Stress Analysis

    •                                     Non-Destructive Testing

are embedded with the curriculum session. It is not a compulsion, no boredom, no negative, but self motivation, entrusting growth and enriched values are the results.