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About the Department

                            The Department of Science and Humanities furnishes with a set of programmes for the need of basic knowledge in science and Language communication that is required and to be supplemented from the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English for the students of Engineering and Computer Application Along with the programmes for the first year Engineering students with respect to basic Science and Humanities it also offers programmes like Transforms and Partial Deferential Equations, Statistics and Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Queuing Theory, Probability and Random Process in Mathematics; Environmental Science in Chemistry and Communication and Soft Skills Programme in English for Senior Classes.

                            The Department of Science and Humanities is Committed to the Overall Development of the Engineering Students in their respective field with special consideration towards inter disciplinary attributes that help the students in the field of Engineering along with their Specialization. The Department is endowed with staff members with the average teaching experience above 7 years to meet the requirement of Engineering Students


The Department aims at providing the entire additional requirement for the students in the field of Engineering along with their specialization from the Disciplines of science and Humanities. It also serves to achieve the complete development of the students with sufficient inter disciplinary knowledge and professional humanistic attributes for their success as professionals.