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     Indian Society of Technical Education

The major objectives of the ISTE are to

1. Curriculum development and updating.

2. AICTE sponsored STTPs for engineering teachers and practicing Professionals.

3. Preparation of teacher-manuals and other instructional resource materials under ISTE-LMP

4. Preparation of LMs for working processionals in selected areas under ISTE- WPLP

5. Special short-term programmes for teachers organized by ISTE-industries and other professional organizations.

6. Seminars/workshops/conferences on topics of relevance to Technical Education

7. Information Technology oriented programmes.

8. Project formulation, implementation and appraisal.

9. Preparation of directories on technical education facilities/expertise.

10. Publication of bi-monthly ISTE Newsletter.

11. Publication of a quarterly Indian Journal of Technical Education

12. Publication of ISTE Handbook.

13. Publication of Learning Materials in the area of Electronics and Computer under ISTE-LMP and publication of various monograms.