About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities furnishes with a set of programmes for the need of basic knowledge in science and Language communication. The disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English for the students of Engineering and Computer Application along with the programmes for the first year Engineering students with respect to basic Science and Humanities. It also offers programmes like Transforms and Partial Deferential Equations, Statistics and Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Queuing Theory, Probability and Random Process in Mathematics; Environmental Science in Chemistry and Communication and Soft Skills Programme in English for Senior Classes. The Department of Science and Humanities is Committed to the Overall Development of the Engineering Students in their respective field with special consideration towards inter disciplinary attributes that help the students in the field of Engineering along with their Specialization. The Department is endowed with staff members with the average teaching experience above 7 years.


S.NO Name Of The Faculty Department Designation
1T.YOGESHWAREN MATHSAssistant Professor
2M.NAGAMMALMATHSAssistant Professor
4V.KALLIAPPANMATHSAssistant Professor
5RADHIKACHEMISTRYAssistant Professor
8S.NALINICHEMISTRYAssistant Professor
9SHANDHICHEMISTRYAssistant Professor
10K.KAVITHAENGLISHAssistant Professor
11A.LOURDHU MARYENGLISHAssistant Professor
12A.JENIFERENGLISHAssistant Professor
13K.PRAGATHIENGLISHAssistant Professor
15M.LAVANYAPHYSICSAssistant Professor
16C.ANANDPHYSICSAssistant Professor
17S.SENTHILKUMARMGTAssistant Professor
18C.ANITHAMGTAssistant Professor
19Dr. R.PUGAZHANDHITAMILAssistant Professor

Course Objectives

  • To assure the application of mathematics in engineering field and expect modelling from fuzzy and discrete mathematics integrated with stochastic process
  • To Enrich the applications of specific ideas on engineering physics and renewable energy
  • To educate engineering chemistry and it's applications in field of organic and inorganic chemistry
  • To prepare students for employment with effective communication and soft skills by considering the psychology of learners
  • To bring up problem solving techniques in management studies


    Students of the humanities are not just well-versed in their subject, they are also great communicators and excellent writers

    They often have a love of arts and people as well. These qualities translate to a host of job options

    Given the focus on writing and speaking in a humanities major, graduates are well-prepared to become teachers

    Humanities majors may be well-suited for advertising sales positions - this line of work requires excellent communication skills

    The subject matter may be dry, but you'll be able to continue honing your abilities as a writer. You'll also have to judge your audience and write for them accordingly


  • The department has well established laboratories with sophisticated equipment
  • Department library has more than 600 books
  • The department gives opportunities for students to enroll with NCC,Exnora and NSS to kindle the leadership quality,Civic Sense and social responsibility of the Students
  • Goals

    • To achieve 100% results in all our subjects
    • To attend atleast 2 FDP's and publish 2 papers in international journals for an accademic year
    • To make students present papers and win prizes in various competitions at reputed institution
    • To improve the communication and soft-skills of the students by utilising the language lab