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                             The college has a modern central library with  49,985 volumes, besides 124 National and 840(including online)International Journals 87. The collection is rich and diverse, especially in terms of the breadth and depth of coverage, to support the learning, teaching and research need of the college. Students and staff can surf the availability of books through LAN connected computers. Every department has its own library stocked with reference and text books. The library functions from 8 am to 8 pm on all working days and from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on holidays.The open access system is observed in the library.

Vision of the Department

                            To provide quality service to the users

                                   To disseminate technical knowledge

                                   To offer modern tools for accessing information

                                   To network with leading libraries

Statistical Data

                                    Library Books - 49,985

                                    Journals accessible through Springer (India) Pvt.Ltd. - 520

                                    Periodicals subscribed - National-127 International Printed-114

                                    Back Volumes - 1300

                                    Project Reports - 1014

                                    CD-ROM databases - 1378