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1 To promote research in newly emerging areas of science and engineering including all multidisciplinary fields.

2. Provide shared platform for research & development in the field of engineering & sciences.

3. To selectively promote the research & development capability in relevant areas of science and engineering taking into account capability of the researcher/host institution.

4. To encourage scholars and students to take up challenging R&D activities.

5. Provide optimal Research Support to Colleges and Universities of Engineering & Sciences through experienced, well trained teams of Research Support staff.

6. To develop innovative novel systems in the core area of excellence

7. To create Specialized facilities in the in the core and sub core area

8. To train and retrain the staff members through industrial experts in the specialized area of the core

9. To conduct the short term courses

10. To undertake research projects through sponsored research programme and consultancy projects from this centre

11. To educate/guide UG/PG level Students in the frontier area for their projects, so that they have an industry exposure

12 To Carry out collective consortium meets yearly through International Conference/ Symposium/Workshop by making the participation of Industries/Institutions at both national and international levels.