Civil engineering, the oldest branch of engineering growing right from the stone age civilization, is the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and physical sciences gained by study, experience and practice.

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The present and future world can’t live without technology and the boom in the technology sector will lead to lucrative opportunities. Increasing number of software companies and IT hubs like ‘Silicon Valley’ indicate an increasing demand for CSE experts. Concepts like ‘cloud computing’ upon which future technologies will be based need specialists in this domain.

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Electronic communications engineering is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of communications. Electronic communications engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems.

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Electrical and electronics engineering is a branch of science which deals with the applications of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. The course diversifies into various fields like the multimedia programmer, technical sales engineer, and project manager. It focuses on giving students practical training to work in laboratories, project and group work. These engineers are responsible for designing, developing and testing electrical equipment.

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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering has come to acquire a great deal of significance as today, in our day to day lives we are increasingly using tools, appliances, and instruments which contain electronic components.

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Mechanical engineering is a professional programme which helps students to understand the working mechanisms of heavy tools and machineries. The branch applies principles of engineering, physics and material science for the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems

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Science and Humanities

It inculcates basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English which is the foundation of Engineering education. In our Department the ethos of science and technology prevails, as it is believed that Engineering and Science are, by their very nature, humanistic and socially derived enterprises.

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