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  Mrs.Nirmalasubramaniam (Founder)

                                            Another year has passed by! Time and tide wait for no man! As we move from childhbood to adolescence, it is time to identify where we want to go, where we now are, and correct our course, if we have deviated from our desired direction.

                                            While we are proud of our achievements, we also remember the milestones crossed, tribulations we passed through, each one apparently more strenuous and more discouraging than the previous one. That we succeeded is due to the inspiring and indomitable leadership with a ‘never-say-die' spirit.

                                            Though those many who contributed to JCET's growth are no more with us, each stone in our campus reverberates with their message and contributions! We have a longer distance to travel. We can be satisfied that our growth is all-round and not lop-sided.

                                           congratulate the new editorial board in bringing out this Special Issue. It tells the reader who and what we are. . Located in a backward rural area we are a beacon of technical education and proud that we brought technical higher education close to villages, unheard of by many educational entrepreneurs. That step was a calculated risk and it is to our credit that we succeeded in providing technical education to rural students.for many of whom it was an unfulfilled dream. But we cannot rest on our laurels as we have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep


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