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  Dr. N. Kannan M.E., MS.,Ph.D  (Principal)

                                                Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology (JCET) is a dream destination for those who aspire to pursue their studies in engineering career. The College offers some of the best academic resources for excellence in Engineering disciplines, be it by way of faculty, infrastructure, library and other necessary things.

                                                It is our endeavour to enhance the students' potentialities to greater heights. While the college provides a blend of academic, cultural and intellectual resources, it also brings to the students a dynamic environment for the overall development of their personalities, aspirations and talents.

                                                JCET provides an environment of peer support and imparts core values of humility, perseverance, diligence and discernment to all those who pass through its hallowed portals. The institution performs its role with due deference to the changing realities of a developing economy and the educational standards required in an increasingly globalized world. The JCET experience is a challenging and inspiring one and a student's own commitment to her / his potential can help in reaping maximum benefits from the college. This Website provides a glimpse of the experience called JCET. We hope it will help applicants to see how their own ambitions match up to the opportunities and challenges that this College provides. We welcome your interest in JCET